"The intrinsic nature of indispensable quality of something abstract, that determines its character."

My Essence is my "style" and the importance and pride I take in the quality and beauty of what I am sharing and delivering to my family, friends, and to You!   


Cockles with La Fregula          Sarda

This delightful dish will surprise you with its bright and briny, yet rich wonderful chew of the Fregula to balance it all out. This is just the beginning of some of my entrees I will look forward to sharing with you. Stay tuned!

Gin Fizzle

Don't let your summer pass you by without trying this classic cocktail that is light and refreshing. So many cocktails, so little time. Cheers!

Caramelized Pear and Brie Quesadillas

Spoil yourself with this delectable treat. Your guests will go crazy for these rich bites of bliss! A year around appetizer that is special with a Capital "S".